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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Eviscerated Gaming Podcast #38 "Get Back to Twerk with Freckleface (of Hearthcast)"

The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast - Episode #38 "Get Back to Twerk with Freckleface of Hearthcast"

This week we have another very special guest host with us on The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast.  Freckleface, the other half of the Hearthcast crew, joins us as we talk World of Warcraft, Podcasting, Gaming, & Crazy Library Nonsense.  Be sure to check out this excellent episode Freckleface, the other half of one of the best WoW podcasting teams out there.  A special thanks to both, Freck and Rewt for joining us on the shows the last 2 weeks.

"Get Back To Twerk" w/ Freckleface is available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, & at

Episode #38 Show Notes, Links, & Discussion Topics

  1. - The official site of the Hearthcast Show.
  2. Love Bites - Take that stupid ex! 
  3. Creeper Librarian - A 33 yr old librarian who likes her boys young.
  4. Feb Gold Blogging Carnival - Beginnings
  5. Bliptronic 5000 - Sweet LED Synthesizer for chiptune fans.
  6. Aliens: Colonial Marines - R9z's new love.
  7. Sale At J!NX - 15% off your entire order!
  8. WoW Macros Site
  9. Warcraft Pet Cemetary
  10. Nonailz Nutz
  11. Electronic Education - Got an hour long funky and sexy house set for you.

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