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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Eviscerated Gaming Podcast #39 - "Jesus Christ Is My Naga"

Eviscerated Gaming Podcast #39
"Jesus Christ Is My Naga"

Episode #39 is a little shorter than normal because both of us were ill, but we wanted to push through and get a show out for you guys.  What we thought ended up as a terrible episode has been getting a lot of props on Twitter, so just shows ya never know what to think.  Hope you enjoy the episode!

Eviscerated #39

Show Notes, Discussions Topics, & Links
  1. Rappin' Pastor - Hillarious video of the whiter than white rapper and his wife laying down some gangsta beats to reach the inner city youth.
  2. Take The Strippers Bowling - Mother jailed after hiring strippers for her 16 yo olds borthday party.
  3. Harlem Reacts - The residents of Harlem, NY react to the Harlem Shake viral craze.
  4. Blizzcon - Blizzard's Blizzcon has been announced.
  5. 5.2 Valor & Justice Point Changes - Changed again!
  6. Blue Tweets
  7. Patch 5.2 Isle of Thunderfury
  8. Nonmailz Nuts
  9. Warcraft Pet Cemetary
  10. Electronic Education - Psy-Trance feature.

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