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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Eviscerated Gaming Podcast #40 "Old School Spin" | Electronic Education Podcast Coming Soon

The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast
Episode #40 - "Old School Spin"

Electronic Education Bumper Sticker
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Episode #40 - "Old School Spin" is available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

This episode we have another music only special episode as R9z was down with the sickness and unable to record.  Of course we wouldn't want to leave you guys hanging without a show, so I've released a sexy old school French House set thats over 10 years old.  It's one of the first sets I ever recorded, so I hope you enjoy the throwback.  We will be back next episode with more WoW news, crazy news stories, and more World of Warcraft discussions.

The Electronic Education Podcast

The new stand alone Electronic Education Podcast is coming along quite well.  I've got a super sick Electro House mix recorded and ready to go for the debut episode and I've got a Progressive House / Trance guest DJ mix submitted as well.  I'm still working on the sound drops, bumpers, and special goodies, but the show should launch early next month once I get everything polished up.

If you are a DJ or know a DJ, be sure to send em over to the Electronic Education Podcast website and get them to submit their own guest mix to be featured on the new show.  You can check out the Guest Mix Submission Guidelines here.

  • Stay tuned to the official Electronic Education Website at:
  • Follow the Electronic Education Podcast on Twitter: @ElectronicEDM
  • Check out the Electronic Education Store for T-Shirts, etc:  Electronic Education Shop
  • (Save 20% OFF Tee Shirts with Code "PATSHIRTSALE" - Good today and tommorrow only!)
I just ordered my own Electronic Education T-Shirt myself and I can't wait to get it!

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