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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Making Gold With Lovely Charm Farming | How Many Lovebird Mounts Can You Buy For 2700 Charms?

Making Gold With Lovely Charms

Tons of players are out looking for the best spots for farming the Lovely Charms.  Since both the new Swift Lovebird mount and the Truesilver-Shafter Arrow Peddlefeet companion pet are able to be sold to other players, the Love Is In The Air holiday provides a couple of new ways to make gold in WoW. 
Since the new mount costs 270 Love Tokens, just how many Lovely Charms do you need to farm?
If you answered 2700, then you are wrong.  Sure, you could farm up 2700 Lovely Charms and convert them to 270 Lovely Charm Bracelets, then covert the Bracelets at a 1:1 ratio into Lovely Tokens.  That is the craziest, most wasteful shit I have ever heard of though!  Well, TIME TIME TO GET YOUR LEARN ON.  This post is to help all of you that haven't done your homework on just how many Lovely Charms you should be farming to get the new Swift Lovebird mount.

It is a common misconception that I have seen all over twitter, on other's blogs, and in forum posts that it takes 2700 Lovely Charms to get a mount.  Yeah, if you want to earn your mount the most inefficient way possible!  It really takes far less Lovely Charms than that to get the new Swift Lovebird mount. Way less actually!

Let's dig into the numbers a little deeper.
  • 10 Lovely Charms Make 1 Lovely Charm Bracelet.
  • 1 Lovely Charm Bracelet Trades For 1 Love Token.
  • The Swift Lovebird Mount Costs 270 Love Tokens.
  • There Are 6 Daily Quests That Each Award 5 Love Tokens.
  • 4 Of These Quests Are Capital City Turn Ins That Require 1 Lovely Charm Bracelet.
  • You Can Earn 30 Love Tokens Per Day Just Doing The Dailies.
  • Love Is In The Air Runs For 15 Days (Feb 5th - Feb 19th)
  • The Holiday Boss Reward, Heart Shaped Box has a chance to contain 10 Love Tokens.
Using the above facts, care to rethink your answer?  It's not 2700 Lovely Charms per Swift Lovebird, if you do it the smart way.  Isn't goblinism about finding the best and cheapest ways to make the most profit the most efficiently?  Leave the most inefficient ways to the ignorant, uninformed, or the downright lazy.

30 Love Tokens per day from the 6 Dailies, which only require 4 Lovely Charm Bracelets per day, means you only need to farm up 360 Lovely Charms if you only did the Daily Quests.  It would take 9 days of doing nothing but the daily quests to get the Swift Lovebird mount that costs 270 Love Tokens.  When you add in running the daily holiday boss, you can shorten that time for each 10 pack of Love Tokens you get out of your Heart Shaped Box.

So the answer to "How Many Lovely Charms Do I Need To Farm For The Swift Lovebird Mount?" is 360 Lovely Charms maximum.  Take 10 off of that total for every Heart Shaped Box that awards you the 10 Love Tokens.

360 vs 2700 is quite the difference.  So while the fool is buying 1 mount for 2700 Lovely Charms, the wise man is buying 7 Swift Lovebirds on 7 different alts for the same price with enough leftovers to get 4 Truesilver-Shafted Arrows as well.  So don't listen to the fools out there.  Listen to this wise man!

Random Tips for Selling Multiple Lovebird Mounts
  • You only need 1 Lovely Charm farming character (not required to farm on each alt).
  • You can transfer Lovely Charm Bracelets through your guild bank.
  • Lovely Charm Bracelets cannot be mailed.
  • Lovely Charm Bracelets wrapped in wrapping paper CAN be mailed!
  • Any level character can do the dailies. (A joke on a Mage with ports.)
  • You must be 84 to join the holiday dungeon queue to try for extra Love Tokens.
  • Don't be a fool and sell the mounts and pets during the holiday.
  • The value will be higher once they are no longer obtainable (for a year).
I hope this post helps you save some time and effort in your Lovely Charm farming strategy.  Be sure to check out my favorite spot to farm Lovely Charms, which also lists tons of great spots in the comments as well.

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